Saturday, January 21, 2012

Racism in Northern Ireland, sir don't be too surprised, we in the US know this all too well

Child, 8, hurt in racist brick attack in Dundonald

An eight-year-old child has been injured in a racist attack in Dundonald in east Belfast.
Promise Awoyelu was asleep at about 05:30 GMT on Saturday when she was hit by a brick thrown through her bedroom window at Brooklands Drive.
Her injuries are not thought to be life threatening. Two other windows in the house were broken.
It is the second attack on the house within a week.
Two windows were smashed and the windscreen of a car damaged last Sunday.

Charles Awoyelu
Charles Awoyelu described the attack as "shocking"

The child's father, Charles Awoyelu, who has been living in Northern Ireland for seven years, described the attack as "shocking".
He said police told him it was racially motivated.
"I don't know what would motivate somebody to target us," he said.
"We are here to make a living and we are a peace-loving family.
"I have five children who are terrified in the house, my wife is scared and I'm scared of going to work and coming back because I don't know what will happen when I come back."
Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle said racist attacks had "no place" in society.
"I am disgusted by such mindless racist views.
"This family are making a positive working contribution to our society and their children are part of local sports and community clubs.
"We are regrettably now helping the family to find suitable alternative accommodation."
This is very tragic but nothing we aren't use to here in the United States. Yes we have a black president but that doesn't change anything. To let you know how bad it still is need I remind you of the rapid growth of the tea party during the Obama administration. Pre-Obama, the Tea Party was practically non existent and definitely not a relevant movement for some time. However, during The Obama campaign this group of people have done everything possible to give the Obama administration a hard time. Now I am not trying to get too political or go into detail on this particular post, just calling it like I sees it. 
Moral of the story is that racism still exists; so if you are of the persuasion just be prepared for the occasional violation.

**courtesy of BBC Northern Ireland** 


  1. I personally have seen a rise in racially motivated attacks, subtle or otherwise since the Obama administration took over. What I question is the existence of more racism or increases in blatant expression. IJS

  2. I believe racism will always be present but for some, it finding the right avenue to show it. Gone are the KKK days, now its "form a group, pick a topic to hide the real issue we have, and ride that wagon til the wheels fall off".