February 3, 2012

I know it's been a while since the last posting for this page; I rarely try to rant about films/TV shows...well I wouldn't go as far as to say rarely, but I digress. What I saw the other day was probably the worst sketch comedy show in a while. That crap Comedy Central calls "Key & Peele".

In an unnecessary nutshell, Its a sketch comedy show/stand up staring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, former MadTV stars. One word for this show... DISAPPOINTMENT!

I have never not laughed once at a Comedy Central show until now, even the terrible Dane Cook got a slight chuckle out of me; literally almost died from depression after watching K&P.

This show was the pits (inside joke). The jokes were horrible and unfunny and the "stand up" should have been a "lay down and die". Comedy Central had to have paid that audience to sit through this or they probably started "going to the restroom" and never returning.

It sucks that the funniest part of episode one was the clip played over and over on the commercial, this clip:

By the time I saw it on the show, it was EPIC FAIL!

I almost had to disown my light-skinned brethren after watching and it really hurts because Key & Peele had their funny moments on MadTV but clearly they left those moments back WITH MadTV.

Even during the stand up part, they both looked uncomfortable. The forced segways to skits like the weed skit was just awful. And someone please tell Jordan not to EVER EVER try to impersonate Lil' Wayne again. That too was uncomfortable and just bad. I felt as though I did something wrong by watching...I had to evaluate life afterwards.

If you were one of the unlucky ones who watched this last Tuesday, I am sorry for your loss. Those 21 minutes will never be given back. Now if you didn't see it, please don't waste your time. I feel bad because Keegan-Michael is really a cool guy, I got a chance meet him, but that is no excuse for letting this show get airtime.

The only somewhat entertaining part was the Obama Translated skit:

But even this clip was "iffy". And why does Jordan's OBAMA look like a black Jack Nicholson's Joker from batman with a hint of Warwick Davis's Leprechaun?

Comedy Central do us all a favor and cancel this show right now before these guys careers become officially over. "Dial it back Luther, Damn" should have been "Just stop dialing Key & Peele, DAMN!" (excuse my french)

January 19, 2012

Oh thank God that ABC decided to cancel its new show WORK IT. What an awful ripoff of Bosom Buddies (staring Tim Hanks) back in the 80's. I really feel bad for Rebecca Mader because she has jumped from one flop (No Ordinary family, canceled after 1 season) to this horrible excuse for a show (Work it, canceled after 2 episodes). Talk about diminishing return for Mader. But hopefully she'll move on to something a little more stable much like when she was in LOST, oh how I miss LOST....well the first few seasons, but that's another story. Ok so back to the train wreck. What do you get when you mix horrible laugh tracks with men wearing tracks? You get this: 

I understand that this country is in a pretty bad recession and it is forcing some people to do things they may not be proud of (for Tampa natives, think Nebraska Ave) in order to get an income but ABC if you expect me to believe that two grown ass (excuse my french) men can dress up like women and pass in a room full of women, might I then ask what type of crack are you smoking. (Wooo saaaa) Ok so the show is about a guy who is in desperate need of a job. He has been without work for a year and his unemployment is running out so he really needs an income to support him, his wife and his stubborn daughter. So he finds out about a company who is currently hiring, only thing is they are hiring women only. Now I'm pretty sure that this practice has been illegal since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - specifically, Title VII of that act, "which strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in all aspects of employment", but who am I to quote federal regulations. So he decides to use his wife's clothing which somehow happens to fit even though they are not at all the same size, and he goes in for an interview which he ultimately gets... the job. 

                                                           **begins to fall asleep** 

I really don't want to give you the entire rundown of this show because frankly I'm getting bored just writing it but pretty much he tells his friend and now they both have a job and blah blah crap blah. 

Despite this epic fail of a show, there were a few positives. For one, it was only a half hour show, it could have been worse. Never thought I'd be more excited for commercials before, and like a [not so] good neighbor STATE FARM was not there to save me from this horribly written show. Now you may be wondering why I continued to watch it...well how else was I gonna comment about it, come on people. Ok another positive was the hot boss played by Rochelle Aytes. She may have been the sole reason for me not clicking the self district button on my computer, because yes I watched it on HULU (click on "hulu" if you care to watch it, but proceed with caution). And another positive had to be the ridiculously unrealistic hate and dialogue of Rebecca Mader's character trying to belittle "Lady Lee". It was pretty bad which ultimately made it pretty good! lol

As one can tell I didn't like this show (go figure) but to each his/her own. And I guess maybe there is a company out there that might hire you if you were a guy who dressed up as a girl to get paid...but those jobs might come with tips and shame. So don't waste your time, or waste your time, its up to you but look at this poster and then decide:

EWWW, disturbing...because THAT guy said it!