Monday, January 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! Gunmen in southern Philippines kill 15 fishermen

Gunmen in southern Philippines kill 15 fishermen

The incident happened on Monday in Basilan province, a stronghold of Muslim rebels.

At least 15 fishermen were killed and three others wounded in the southern Philippines when gunmen opened fire on three boats, military officials have announced.

A military spokesman said it was likely caused by rivalry over fishing turf.
Police have identified several suspects involved but no-one has been arrested yet.
"They (the victims) were fishing on another group's turf," regional military spokesman Lt Col Randolph Cabangbang told the Agence France Presse news agency.

Police say that about 10 attackers are suspected of involvement in the incident.
He added that the possibility of Islamist militants or Muslim guerrillas being involved in the incident had so far been ruled out.

The fishermen were aboard three wooden vessels off Sibago island in Basilan when gunmen in speedboats opened fire.
The shooting was discovered by other fishermen in the area. The victims were residents of Pagadian city, 160km (100 miles) north-east of Basilan.
A survivor reportedly told police that they had been warned to stay away from the area where the attack took place.
The Basilan region is used as a base by Islamist militants and rebel groups in the predominantly Christian nation.
It is also a hotspot for kidnap-for-ransom groups, with foreigners often the target
Turf wars are a universal problem, I hope the culprits are found ASAP...SMH. 

**courtesy of BBC News Asia**

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